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V-Track - Chassis Wobble Eliminator

V-Track Kits
- Manufactured by: Parts4PowerToys

V-track, the most economical and easiest way to remove that dreaded chassis wobble on your rubber engine mounted 1994-2008 Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide, Ultra or Police Harley Davidson motorcycle. Only $139.00 US and FREE shipping and handling. Available in Silver Satin or Black anodized finish. Proudly manufactured in the USA for the Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast. Made from high quality Laser cut T6061 aircraft aluminum and all stainless steel hardware.

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For security and peace of mind, get your V-Track chassis anti wobble stabilizer today.


Aluminium-Black Kit Aluminium Silver-Satin Kit


All Harley Davidson FL touring owners over the last two decades have one time or another experienced the dreaded wobble on the highway. Not a pleasant experience and dangerous to say the least. This is all due to the inherit design of the existing rubber mounted engines in the Harley Davidson motorcycles from 1993 onwards until 2008.

What is it and why does it wobble?

This is the question everyone always asks. So here are the reasons why and why you need the V-track anti wobble stabilizer.

With the release of the rubber mounted engines for the touring models, Harley Davidson has attempted to isolate the engine vibrations to help produce a comfortable highway touring machine that we all ride and love. In the design of the rubber mounted system, Harley Davidson has mounted the front and rear engine to rubber isolating mounting points that effectively isolate the engine from the chassis. Now because of the chassis dimensions and engine size, the front mount is mounted on a chassis cross member while the rear is mounted directly on the horizontal cross member of the the rear swing arm. There lies the inherent weakness in the chassis design.

Now in order to stabilize the engine vibrations and movement within the chassis, Harley Davidson has added Heim joints to the engine. One at the top of the engine to frame and one in the lower front and frame. This basically prevents any lateral engine movements within the frame at the front and top of the engine. Unfortunately this also amplifies the lateral forces at the rear of the engine on the horizontal cross member of the rear swing arm.

The rear swing arm is mounted to the frame through a horizontal pivot shaft which in itself is rubber mounted to the frame to reduce rear wheel vibration from being transmitted to the main frame which the driver sits on. This isolation should produce a very smooth ride with minimal vibrations being transmitted from the rear wheel and engine assembly.

Unfortunately the rear of the engine which is mounted through the rubber mount system on the rear horizontal swing arm cross member,also transmits all the unwanted lateral force produced to the rear swing arm. During sweepers and hard accelerations, the gyroscopic effects of the engine are transmitted laterally to the rear swing arm and thus causes unwanted left to right flex in the rubber mounted horizontal swing arm pivot shaft. This is the cause of the dreaded wobble that we all feel. This gives the rider a very uneasy feeling of instability. The lateral flex within the swing arm pivot shaft distorts the front to rear wheel alignment and thus the wobble.

V-Track chassis anti wobble stabilizer corrects this situation by not allowing for any lateral movements of the engine within the main frame. As does the Harley Davidson mounted front and top engine stabilizers. So the V-Track allows for free engine movements front to back but zero side to side movements thus eliminating the dreaded chassis wobble.


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  • Aluminium-Black Kit
    Aluminium-Black Kit
  • Aluminium Silver-Satin Kit
    Aluminium Silver-Satin Kit
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    Installed view 1
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    Installed view 2
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    Installed view 3