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V-CreeDAY - V-CreeDAY LED driving light upgrade kit

- Manufactured by: Parts4PowerToys

Parts4PowerToys is proud to offer our customers our  NEW Ultra-High intensity 100% CreeDAY LED driving light system (Super White color) compatible for all Harley Davidson 881 driving light bulb system.  Install our kit in less than 15 minutes without any wiring modification and using all existing connections from the motorcycle. Fits all 881 bulb driving light systems.

Visibility on the road today is the paramount for safety, make yourself visible in both Day and Night conditions.

For all 881 based bulb driving light system

    Color intensity is the ultimate 5000k Super-White color temperature.

 Do yourself a favor and upgrade to our ultimate easy to install in less than 15 minutes V-CreeDAY LED kits.

Visibility in all day/night conditions is the ultimate for added safety.

Single Headlight Kit

Dual Headlight Kit


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  • V-CreeDAY installed
    V-CreeDAY installed
  • V-CreeDAY installed
    V-CreeDAY installed
  • V-CreeDAY 881 bulbs
    V-CreeDAY 881 bulbs
  • V-CreeDAY installed
    V-CreeDAY installed
  • Stock Lights
    Stock Lights
  • Upgraded Lights
    Upgraded Lights