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HyLift Lifter - Johnson HyLift Lifters

V-Lift HyLift Lifter
- Manufactured by: HyLift Johnson

Order our V-2313 replacement lifters for stock camst or our HIGH PERFORMANCE V2313S or  V2313SE (with Direct Shot oiling)  lfiters for high lift cams and heavy duty springs. Built to withstand the higher spring pressures and durations, these are the best there is. Parts4PowerToys is proud to offer made in America products that meet superior quality standards for your Harley Davidson engines. DO NOT compromise, get the best lifters for your Harley-Davidson. This is the lifter Harley wants back. Order your set of Qty 4 - V2313 for only $ 159.00 US. For special order kits, please contact us first for pricing.
See our most popular V-Lift models below from Johnson HyLift for your Harley application.


  • V-2313     Stock replacement lifter for all Twin Cam 1998  - present
  • V2313-S   High Performance Twin Cam lifter for high lift cams
  • V2313-SE High Performance Twin Cam lifter with (Direct Shot)
  • V2313-SE2 Same as our famous V2313-SE in .002 Oversize
  • V2313-2   Stock .002 over size replacement lifters
  • V2303      Stock Evo Lifter replacement
  • V2303-2   Stock .002 over size EVO lifter
  • V2303S    High Performance EVO lifter for high lift cams.

* Call for other special application lifters for older Harley Davidson Motorcycles *

New DIRECT SHOT Technology


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  • HyLift Johnson Lifters
    HyLift Johnson Lifters
  • V2303 and V2303S
    V2303 and V2303S
  • V2313S and SE
    V2313S and SE
  • V2313SE
  • V2313 SE
    V2313 SE
  • Direct Shot V2313SE
    Direct Shot V2313SE
  • Direct Shot V2313SE
    Direct Shot V2313SE
  • Direct Shot V2313SE
    Direct Shot V2313SE